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Is It Good? Convergence #2 Review

With disappointing reviews on the two prior installments for the event, Convergence tries to get the ball rolling with issue number deux. Earth-2 heroes take on Telos and Batmen come face to face. So is it good?

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Convergence #2 (DC Comics)


Let me start off by saying that I actually enjoyed the first two issues of this series because I appreciated the simplicity of its introduction. It’s a very overwhelming event if you’re not an expert in DC eras and after reading Morrison’s Multiversities it’s nice to read a comic through and understand exactly what is going on. The King/Lobdell writing duo has definitely spelled everything out thoroughly, which may work for an introduction. (But maybe only for an introduction.)

Unfortunately, despite the fact we’re now in issue 2 (technically the third of the event), the writers still find it necessary to make it reader-friendly by restating the plot in multiple panels. WE GET IT. Even after an introductory anecdote by Grayson, it still takes a few pages to start advancing the plot. With Telos distracted by a fight featuring Future’s End cyborgs, the Earth-2 heroes break free and give Telos a whooping before he disappears, only to reappear much larger (It’s just like an episode of Power Rangers). Superman puts an end to the brawl and the team spits up to divide and conquer; Batman and Grayson to a nearby Gotham and the rest of the team to find underground ruins that Green Lantern found by tapping into the planet.


Now this issue began with Grayson talking about his son and what happened prior to being transported here and then we resume with the present storyline. But halfway through the issue Grayson resumes the narration which not only throws off the present tense of the storyline, but he begins spelling out the minutiae of every action of event that unfolds and what he’s feeling and why it’s significant and it’s utterly obnoxious. It made me hate my favorite character (It’s ok Tyler. This isn’t YOUR Dick Grayson; this is another world’s Grayson).


Grayson leaves nothing to the imagination as he narrates away and then when we get to the most appealing aspect of the issue, the meeting of Earth-2 Thomas Wayne with another Earth’s Bruce Wayne, not only does Grayson shut up, but the entire conversation is left out. We’re left with Thomas coming back with an established plan, shaking hands with Bruce and leaving. The only thing that I liked from this entire portion of the issue is the fact that Thomas hands Grayson a “body suit” and I want to see which costume it is. All in all, this is just another example of how the writers have blown the potential momentous moments of this series and dumbed down the plot.

Is It Good

King and Lobdell have wasted potential scenarios and refused to take risks thus far into this event. At times the writing appears to be contrived and overtly dramatic and even the fight scenes seem to have a generic nature about them. Pagulayan and Paz do a fine job with the art, no qualms there. This series doesn’t look like it’ll get better any time soon.


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