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Review: Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Cyclops figure

One of the most detailed Scott Summers action figures is now available!

Just in time for his (latest) death in the pages of House of X  (don’t worry, he’ll get better), Mezco Toyz has released an all-new, all-different Cyclops action figure. But this collectible is far from toast–it’s about as alive as a toy can get with a cloth and leather costume! But all that realism comes at a cost–this latest, plastic rendition of the first X-Man will cost you $100–way more than your average Marvel Legends figure.

So is this little Scott Summers with his fancy leather jacket and over 28 points of articulation worth your hard-earned cash? Read on to see what I–a longtime collector of Cyclops figures and all around Cyke super fan–have to say about Mezco’s latest X-Men offering.

The Figure

Cyclops, like other normal-sized Mezco One:12 figures, stands at about 6 inches, just like the typical Marvel Legends offering. Really, that’s where the comparisons to Hasbro’s collectibles end. While Hasbro’s take on Jim Lee’s iconic Cyclops redesign was a step up from ToyBiz’s first rendition, Mezco’s is just light years ahead of both. It’s all about the details… if you’re into that sort of thing.

I say that because appreciation for a specific action figure is a lot like appreciating one comic book art style over another. Some prefer the stripped-down pencils of Mike Allred while others like Frank Quitely’s more detailed illustrations. All terrific artists–just different preferences.

Well, Mezco’s Cyclops is an example of a detailed artist tackling a toy.

From afar, you just see the classic blue-and-yellow costume, but take a closer look and there are fine details from head to toe. Depending on which head you go with, this Cyclops has lips or teeth and a tongue. And while a lot of toymakers have embraced the concept of interchangeable heads, Mezco went a step further to ensure Cyclops’ visor and optic blasts are illuminated in red light. Not as convenient as a simple button on his back (you need to turn it on then plug it back into the body), but still appreciated.

Then, there’s the costume, made from a combination of cloth and leather you would traditionally find on larger-sized collectibles. Where this Cyclops stands out from other takes on the Jim Lee uniform is the extra lines Mezco has added. As you can tell, this is not a 100% comic-accurate rendition of the costume, but again, it’s the artist’s take. In fact, the extra detailing on Scott’s utility belt and harness especially remind me of the artwork of Simone Bianchi. Still, no matter how much of a costume purist you are, it’s hard not to appreciate the level of craft that went into this one figure, right down to texture on Slim’s gloves.

Don’t kid yourself, though–the real star of the show is Cyclops’ brown leather jacket, which, if I was 6 inches tall, would happily rock. It’s crazy how lifelike this thing is, complete with a functional zipper. My Mezco Cyclops will always wear this bad boy when on display.

The Accessories

There are quite a few interchangeable pieces, which allow for all sorts of cool Cyclops poses. The figure comes with:

  • 2 heads
  • 3 regular visors
  • 2 smoking visors
  • 2 visors with optic blasts
  • 6 hands in various poses
  • 1 base
  • 1 display post

These are all great. I have to say, I prefer the standard optic blast effect to the mega blast option, which is a bit too video game for my tastes. This is Cyclops, not Ryu.

Worth the price?

Look, I’m someone who grew up paying $5 for regular figures and $10-$15 for something really special, so dropping $100 for a collectible will always seem excessive to me. But I also understand all those details factor into the final cost of this product. So yeah, I would say if you’re a Cyclops or X-Men fan looking to add a unique piece to your collection, this one’s definitely worth the price. While Hasbro just started to include optic blasts effects with their recent vintage Cyclops figure, they don’t really compare to what Mezco’s offering here.

Scott Summers wouldn’t settle for less, so neither should you.

Mezco Toyz One:12 Collective Cyclops figure
Is it good?
For fans of the first X-Man, this ultra-detailed collectible is a must-buy!
From head to toe, the detail on this figure is... uncanny.
The different accessories allow for some really cool poses.
The lifelike leather jacket and optic blast accessories make this figure even better.
While cool, the light-up feature is a bit inconvenient.
The costume is not 100% comic-accurate, which may turnoff some fans.

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