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Star Wars vs. Zuvio Super Fan

The friendly Twitter beef you didn’t know you needed.

Among the plethora of Star Wars background characters, Constable Zuvio‘s history still manages to stand out.

The character was originally supposed to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII -The Force Awakens as a law enforcement officer on Jakku. He was also prominently featured in the film’s marketing at even got a movie line and Black Series toy release.

When The Force Awakens premiered in 2015, however, all of Zuvio’s scenes had been completely cut aside from a couple blink-and-you’ll frames. This put the character in the bizarre position of being a background figure who was supposed to be much more, but ended up being almost nothing at all. Zuvio has since appeared in other Star Wars media, but his bizarre absence from The Force Awakens has made him into somewhat of a Star Wars enigma…and to a few folks, an icon.

That brings us to today, where LucasFilm Brand Manager and official Star Wars blogger Justin Bolger unearthed Twitter gold.

Bolger posted a series of screen shots featuring various interactions between the official Star Wars Twitter account and Rogue Podron co-host Heath Williams about Zuvio.

Normally it’s Wendy’s who wears Twitter Brand Trolling crown, but Star Wars definitely deserves some credit here.

C’mon Star Wars…who doesn’t want to see Zuvio wield the Dark Saber?

Whether Heath’s love of Zuvio is genuine or ironic, he appears to consider his campaign for the good constable to be a net positive. It even inspired him to create a meme that’s way better/funnier than it has any right to be.

Yes, it’s all a bit silly. But during a time when toxic fandom is a constant topic of discussion, it’s nice to see something like this that can give all of us a good chuckle.


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