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Is It Good? All-New X-Men #17 Review

And thus begins month number two of the Battle of the Atom crossover. This is Brian Michael Bendis’ first BOA comic in at least two weeks and a huge new plot twist was introduced last issue; so right now, all systems are go. Is it good?

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All-New X-Men #17 (Marvel Comics)

Brian Michael Bendis approaches this issue in an interesting way that seems more like a TV episode of LOST or The Walking Dead than an X-Men comic. Instead of jumping right into the action and conflicts of this multi-layered manhunt, we get a solid background of what was really going on in the future. The story Mr. Bendis crafts is one of hope and despair, of triumph and ruin. It is a very good explanation for what’s going on in the present.

Enough said!

The future X-Men are a great group. With new faces and older versions of our favorites this could be my favorite group introduced in this generation of X-Men. Although it is entertaining, the whole: “Holy crap, it’s you?!” routine is getting just a tad tiresome. Again, Bendis recycles some old storytelling with the: “Let’s fight about what we’re gonna do then hold off until the end to reveal our decision!” Although again, it was awesome to see what all of these X-Men decided.

My only real complaint with this issue is the length. The page count isn’t any lower than usual, there are just so many two page spreads or giant panels that it takes so little time to read. Don’t get me wrong, I love Stuart Immonen and I would show off his art if I worked with him, but a little more story would be nice.

And despite the fact that I’m getting my knickers in a bunch about some of the story construction, I must admit, the writing mechanics in that book are just so fun to read. From snappy dialogue to clear character depiction, this book keeps a tone the whole time and is a joy to read. I also love how Brian has handed this story to two other (very adept) writers and he still maintains a great grasp on what he wants the story to be and makes it very much his own.

Stuart Immonen is a talented guy and on a scale of one to ten his art in this issue was epic, maybe epic.5. He is possibly my all-time favorite penciler when it comes to action scenes and the same can be said about Von Grawbadgers’ inks.



  • Great new characters introduced
  • Art is fantasmalistic
  • Writing is overall good
  • Recycled storytelling
  • Reads way too fast

Is it Good?

Oh, it’s good. Definitely my favorite issue of the whole crossover, too bad it read so fast.




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