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Is It Good? Justice League of America #9 Review

Martian Manhunter and Stargirl are imprisoned and continue to search for a way out; but is this jail really as inescapable as it seems? Let’s find out! Is it good?

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Justice League of America #9 (DC Comics)


Martian Manhunter continues to descend into the lower portions of the prison, seeing if he can find a way out by going from hero to hero, still all trapped in their own madness. Stargirl, tired of waiting and told to stay behind for her own good, follows the same path as him down into the prison. However, what is at the end of the line?

Justice League of America #9 is a solid issue. The story does not seem to progress much besides one fairly big scene but it makes up for it by taking this time to dive into the backstory of Stargirl. We get to see some flashbacks from before she became the hero and donned her outfit. The flashbacks are nice touches, feel true to her character, and really show why she has not been affected at all by the prison (highlighted by the speech MM gives at the end).

Well… at least people will stop making jokes about you talking to fish if they are all dead now.

The rest of the writing is strong, just like last issue. The glimpses into the heroes’ minds about what could ultimately break or ruin them are fascinating (especially with the horrifying one connected to Madame Xanadu) and on point. The story continues to move at a fine pace and gives every scene and story bit the right amount of time to be effective.

I thought the cliffhanger at the ending was especially good (though having read A.R.G.U.S., I am wondering about the timescale for this event) and it really makes me want to see the next issue. My only two problems with Justice League of America #9 is that I don’t think it even bothered to follow up on Stargirl’s discovery on the last page from the previous issue and the ending was a bit confusing in what exactly happened.

I’m more “whoa” about the fact that she literally went starry eyed.

The artwork is by Tom Derenick and I really like the look of it. It comes across as a hodgepodge of Doug Mahnke and Ivan Reis in terms of pencil work. The characters look great and exhibit a wide array of expressions, body types, and even hair (seriously, everyone looks like they have different hair styles. I don’t think I see that often). The action is fluid when it is there, the layouts are good (nothing creative, but good), and the coloring is bright and diverse. It’s really nice stuff all around outside of one creepy looking face and I honestly hope this artist continues to do more work on this book.


  • Very strong character-wise
  • Strong writing from Matt Kindt
  • Change in artist really improved the look of the title
  • Story did not progress much until the end
  • No follow up on the ending for last issue

Is It Good?

Justice League of America #9 was another enjoyable read and a good tie-in to Forever Evil, while also taking the time to dive into the backstory of one of its characters who we still don’t know a lot about. With great looking art this time around to help things along and a great cliffhanger, I am sure to be checking this out next month.


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