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Is It Good? The Flash Annual #3 Review

After last week’s issue, controversy over the Wally West decision is rising all over the internet and people and fans are freaking the hell out after only seeing two panels of him. Well guess what? Instead of two panels, we’ll get to see more of him in this annual! What is in store for us? Is it good?

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The Flash Annual #3 (DC Comics)

In the past, Barry Allen aka the Flash is back on the job and now as a detective for the Central City police. His first assignment is to solve a murder with an obvious suspect, but may not lead to the answer he is looking for. In the future, the Flash is a wreck over the death of Wallace West, nephew of Iris West, which he was unable to stop many years ago. However, he has an idea on how to set things right, but it may not lead to a good solution.

Though I got to admit, you drew an impressive almost perfect circle.

This more or less picks up right after #30 and feels like the true beginning to the arc story-wise. We have two separate storylines going on in the past/present and one in the future, both of them interesting in their own ways and starting up their own separate subplots (well, maybe not so much the future one). The story in the past is a bit more interesting, since the subplots and mysteries being built up there are solid (the loss of time, the case Barry is working, etc.). The future storyline is alright; he’s trying to correct the past and get more superhero activity to it, but it does seem questionable that Barry is trying to mess with the time stream again (seems like something he should have learned not to do).

But anyways, the writing is pretty good overall here. Despite the questionable change with Wally West that people are hammering on about, the characters are pretty good and have some great character and emotional moments that feel fitting to them. Even with two stories going on at once, the comic itself is easy to read and both stories are interlaced well and flow reasonably. There is a lot of potential with the mysteries being built here as well, especially with the loss of time that’s happening. The ending is alright, but the front cover literally spoils it with its tagline.

Also, while I’m at it, blue is so not you at all! What were you thinking?

The artwork is divided up between Brett Booth, who draws the Future Flash storyline, and Ron Frenz, who does the story going on in the past. Both of them do reasonably well since their styles are so drastically different in comparison to that other annual I read recently and having the same colorist do both of their works does help a bit. Booth does a better job with more superhero action and energy of his part of the story, while Frenz draws the character bits and moments better. Both of them ultimately work well here and having both of them draw different parts of the stories does help separate them better since they are in different time periods.

Is It Good?

The Flash Annual #3 is a pretty good continuation from last week’s Flash issue and kicks off several interesting storylines for the new run. Outside of some questionable choices in areas, this was a good issue and you may want to give it a look. Though if you are one of those fans that refuses to read this book because of Wally West’s change, then you probably will be skipping this, even though the comic is solid.


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