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Is It Good? Mighty Avengers #10 Review

Remember this comic? Yeah, I took a big break from reviewing it for a while, but I’m back just in time for the tie-in to Original Sin!

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Is it good?

Mighty Avengers #10 (Marvel Comics)


While Blade is fighting fire-breathing were-roosters (dear God do I love comics), we see Dr. Adam Brashear, AKA Blue Wonder, talking with Ulana the Watcher, the wife of Uatu. They talk amongst themselves about what has happened and what is likely to happen.

Blade is perfect for fighting the evil menace that is… killer roosters.

What an odd superhero comic. Most of the issue, outside three scenes with a bit of action in them, is just two characters talking to each other about what has recently happened in their lives and how it is affecting them. That may not be what one would be looking for a superhero book. (But My Dinner with Andre fans, you’re in for a treat!) On the other hand, these talking scenes are also extremely interesting and well done.

This is a very character driven book and the character work here is completely fantastic. You really get a good feel and sense for how much Adam and Ulana cared about their fallen friend/loved one in their dialogue, how much it pains them, and what they plan on doing now. It’s very thoughtful and emotional stuff, really helping you to empathize and care. There are some nice bits with other characters sprinkled throughout as well.

The book is mostly this, but it is so damn good.

The overall writing by Al Ewing is great like usual. There’s a good sense of pacing and story structure, great characters and moments (like I mentioned), humor that makes yuo smile, great dialogue and a promising ending. Also, from what I’ve heard from some knowledgeable Marvel fans, this is great book if you are big on continuity, since Al Ewing, the writer, really knows how to use it and capture the characters well. This comic is also most notably a tie-in to Original Sin a great one at that. It’s using its event well by telling its story and showing how it impacts the characters, while also not losing focus or putting aside its regular stories. It’s genuinely great.

Now of course there’s the artwork by Greg Land and it’s not too bad. Yes, there are those awkward and odd facial expressions, especially if there are teeth being shown. (And since this isn’t a comic book about a nursing home, most characters have teeth.) However, it’s not awful here. The action is decent, layouts are fine, the characters aren’t too bad, you do get a sense of the emotion and feeling these characters have for each other, and the colors aren’t bad. It’s just going to be the artist that’ll make or break this for you.

Ah great, someone is spraying barbeque sauce all over the TV screen!

Is It Good?

Mighty Avengers #10 is a great issue, if you don’t mind mostly talking. The writing is strong, the characters and characterization is utterly fantastic and the highlight of the issue, the tie-in aspect, is very well done. Even the artwork isn’t as bad as it could be! Mighty Avengers continues to be the best Avengers book Marvel is currently putting out and you should not miss out on the fun.


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