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Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #3 review

Dick Tracy is closing in on Yesterday Knewes. But is there trickery afoot?

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive has been a fun ride so far. I wasn’t doubting the triple threat of the Allreds’ handling Dick Tracy with the justice the character demands, but they have blown my expectations out of the water with this story so far. And I can’t leave out the killer art from Rich Tomasso. Much like a trip down memory lane when I stayed up late at night reading Tracy books I checked out from the library when I should be asleep, I have been enthralled with every page.

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The situation is heating up! The last issue dealt Tracy a bad hand as he is now being framed for killing the police chief. The new cat on the scene named Yesterday Knewes is throwing around Big Boss money to keep both the thugs and the corrupt police force in check. Now Tracy has a bounty on his head. $200,000 for him: Dead or alive!

What’s the book about?

The whole city is looking for Tracy, so he is trying to keep a low profile. What could be a better disguise than a sailor at a dive bar? After making a quick getaway out of the bar just as the police were closing in, Tracy finds himself alone until his buddy Sam shows up to rescue the detective.

Soon enough, Tracy discovers that he is not alone after all once he is transported to an undisclosed location. Now with his own personal “Q” complete with gadgets, a support team, and some clues, Tracy has what he needs to uncover what is going on in the city and uncover the identity of Yesterday Knewes.

Tracy in disguise looks a bit like Steven Seagal to me. IDW Publishing

The Good

The way the story is taking shape is entertaining. It has all the qualities of a Dick Tracy story, including the cool villain name: Yesterday Knewes. I mean come on! How cool is that name? It’s so Dick Tracy! In my last review, I questioned today’s technology being introduced into Tracy’s world. I wasn’t on board but after a couple of pages, I was good with it. This issue raises the bar with technology, but it was easier for me to adjust to the idea this time around. Even Tracy raises an eyebrow at it and the Allreds make it work.

Tomasso’s art remains stellar. It’s like looking at older Tracy stories but Laura Allred’s colors make the art appear more modern. Their talent combined is definitely a staple for the story. I dig the old style looking machines at Tracy’s new “hideout”. The colors in a Dick Tracy story tend to stand out and Laura does a remarkable job of making characters standout with the use of the different background colors.

Gotta have the talking watches!

The Bad

The only bad going on here is the bad things that are sure to happen to the thugs once Tracy gets his hands on them!

The Ugly

Yesterday Knewes looks like death worn over (literally?) and Dick Tracy as a sailor wasn’t going to win him any beauty contests.

The Verdict

The Allreds and Tomasso have another winner on their hands with Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #3. The book is non-stop entertainment from cover to cover and it’s a solid Dick Tracy caper! The transition to bring him into more modern times is working and I am looking forward to the final showdown between Tracy and Yesterday Knewes.

Dick Tracy: Dead or Alive #3
Is it good?
Each issue turns up the heat as Tracy gets closer to solving the case!
Fantastic story that is a real page turner
The addition of modern technology actually works within the Dick Tracy world
Rich Tomasso and Laura Allred's artwork breathe modern life into older characters
Sad there is only one issue left

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